>Everyone has migraines!


Yesterday was the World Day Against Migraine.

Migraine is doing well. Experts say that it has risen two points of incidence in the population.

We have promising developments but there is a lack of information, marketing.

– We need to educate, sensitize the population.

Obviously the most sensitive on the topic of migraine are neurologists. Migraine is a syndrome of central sensitization. There are investigations that confirm it. The most sensitive, the neurologists, suffer migraine almost ten times more than the “normal” population (under-sensitized).

It makes sense. If we properly sensitize the under-sensitized population (normal) we manage to bring the incidence of the neurologists closer to theirs. It is ambitious, but not impossible: over 50% of the population has migraines. A real challenge.

In the development on information about genes related to various enzymes that don’t metabolize bad molecules well (histamine, glutamate …) there are some novelties. Migraine, experts still argue, is there since we are born.

Once acquired that migraine is congenital, the only thing we have left is to follow the thousands of canons of things we have to avoid, the terrible triggers of migraine. We must avoid aged cheese, chocolate, weather changes and hormonal stresses, electromagnetic radiation, alcohol shots,…

What should we do? Of course, ask an expert.

Which one? You pick it yourself. We have lots of kinds. If you don’t like the first one, don’t worry. We have some others too. The one that works will be the right one.

Things do not always go well… for the sufferer. Migraine strengthens. It becomes more frequent, intense and rebellious to its proposals.

Experts say that there is not much left to do with this troop. They are not consulted enough and take painkillers the way they want. They are drug addicts in power (the genes again) and don’t know how to deal with the pain without the sedative.

– You have to take the painkiller at the first sign of pain. Don’t wait.

– I do, but it doesn’t work anymore.

– You have taken too many painkillers. You’ve self-medicated.

– You prescribed it.

– Yes, but I warned you not to have too many.

Sufferer unions demand to be considered ill.

The Patronal agrees:

– Migraine is a chronic brain disease.

You already know the purpose of this hidden blog:

– Migraine emerges from a healthy body by mismanagement of a mistaken brain.

The person with migraine isn’t born like that. It becomes like that. That person learns, imitates.  

Migraine is a syndrome of conversion. There are beliefs underneath.

The solution is the reconversion, the disbelief of the believed. Desensitization. Tolerance to triggers. Good life. Carelessness.

– Now I drink wine and eat chocolate and they no longer give me migraines. Credible!

I already warned you:

From what we believe, we create