We can divide the world in two enclosures: the outside of the skin and the inside of the skin (exterior and interior).

The classical senses in eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin extract real time information of the external universe through light, mechanical, thermal and chemical sensors. The sensory data are processed in various layers of the neuronal network leading to the mysterious spectacle of perception, the process that gives meaning to the external matter-energy.

The outside-of-skin world is made of trees, birds, houses, people, clouds, cars, carrots, flames, spines, storms… The brain sorts the matter-energy in objects with meaning, endowed with relevance, which is variable depending on its context. It picks out the shape of the important on the background of the irrelevant and, with its filter, proposes  behaviour-interaction patterns (appetitive or aversive) with all the highlighted objects.

Cells live in the inside-of-skin world, individuals endowed with a membrane that divides the internal world in an outside-membrane and an inside-membrane world (extracellular and intracellular).

The outside-membrane world is analyzed in real time by all kinds of membrane sensors. There are no equivalents of the classic senses (eyes, ears…). We don’t see, hear, taste, touch or smell the bowels. For the individual the inside is opaque, sensorially unknown. It’s a black box. For the cells of the outside-membrane world it’s a universe so vibrant and meaningful as the individual’s outside-of-skin world. It’s full of objects endowed with meaning, relevance and emotional valence.

The Homo sapiens (ma non troppo) detests black boxes. It needs to fill it with objects and processes endowed with relevance and affection from its evaluative point of view.

The inside-of-skin world becomes an universe with lungs, hearts, stomachs, circulations, digestions, defenses, bones, muscles, nerves, joints, irons, cholesterols, elusive viruses, diseases, arthritis, migraines, strokes…

The individual can only imagine (wish-fear) events and internal states, their possibilities-probabilities.

The speculative brain of the sapiens (m.n.t.) shows on the conscious screen of the individual the result of its data process on the possible-probable state of the inside-of-skin world.

Usually this projection is a speculative theoretical purr, asymptomatic.

Sometimes the brain’s speculative-predictive process of internal states-events overflows the threshold of the purely theoretical to become an emotional state that fears that the theory could become real at that time-place.

The speculative theoretical purr becomes symptomatic, acquires a perceptive body as pain, dizziness, fatigue, hunger, thirst, cold, heat, anxiety, discouragement, indolence…

The brain projects for the individual his speculations on the black box of the inaccessible.

– It hurts…

– There is nothing wrong inside you. Everything’s normal…

The doctors apply their sensors (stethoscopes, analysis, radiographies, fluoroscopies …) on the inside-of-skin world, on the black box. They feel, look, hear, smell and taste it with artificial sensors and don’t find any relevant objects-states or, what is worse, they find irrelevant states and give relevance to them…

The outside-of-skin and inside-of-skin worlds are full of pre and post-feelings, uncertain potentialities. The senses, natural and artificial, do not detect the past or the future, they are not activated by what was speculated.

Symptoms appear when the brain gives importance to the outside-of-skin and inside-of-skin objects-states.

Once the detectable pathological objects-states are discarded disease states it’s clear: the sufferer suffers the consecuences of a sensitized brain, trapped in the alarmist speculation of the theoretical possibility turned into imminent: what might happen is about to happen…

– There’s nothing wrong inside you. Alarmism should be lowered in the neuronal network. No one could live with a brain like that… The house is secure. We should convince security guards to let you live in it.