>Painful decisions


Pain is the result of a cerebral decision. Every perception contains a complex process of discussion amongst multiple brain areas. Information flows between them competitively.

Signals from damaged tissues impose their law on any speculation. The brain decides to let out the painful perception at that time, place and circumstance.

Maybe the speculative areas, fueled by the fear of necrosis, impose, in other cases, the convenience of activating an alert to the individual even when there is insufficient signal of consummated or imminent harm.

Pain is pain in both cases. Real, mortifying, demanding. Forces the individual to engage in the restlessness of the neural network.

Reality does not usually appear sharp, as distinct signs of ambient noise. The brain has a confusing set of data from the past, present and future, sensory information and speculations with an emotional variable touch.

The cognitive function has no guarantee of success. The cerebral decisions that feed what we feel have a wide margin of error, an error that the brain doesn’t always detect.

The professional should help reduce the margin of error by providing information about the process. The sufferers must know that the brain exists, that it’s not infallible and that it can make our life a living hell.

Unfortunately, there is insufficient information about the brain, neurons, and perception as a difficult, risky, uncertain, emotional decision making.

The brain often makes painful decisions… for the sufferer. Wrong decisions when there isn’t a situation that justifies the costly program of pain.

Professional information could, in these cases, help detect and correct the error, but often does the opposite: feed it and consolidate it.

Explaining to the sufferers that pain arises from a cerebral decision should not be strange. We keep interpreting it as something that necessarily arises from an abnormal condition of the tissues in the painful area and we keep resisting to normalize the idea, neurophysiologically correct, that what is generated is a complex cerebral evaluation process in which sometimes it’s all about the neural irrational fears, phobias …

– Your neck is such a mess for your age.

Given this information, the brain will take painful decisions.